Digital Literacy

Some people doesn’t know how to use computer. It is a bit like not knowing how to read. Many different reasons that learners have actually missed out on basic skills of turning on computer, accessing the internet, skyping someone that we just assumed everyone’s gone. These days, were you are working for work or talking to people and well use the computer.

Intel learn easy steps that starts with the exploration then they have a guided steps where we take them through some activities. There is a handbooks where you will be impressed with the contents. This handbook contains progressive documented approach which really suited to some of the students. You will love the structure and the visual prompts.

Pushing back modules and excel and those of social movie are a great resources and are ready to use. They are clear straightforward and very high quality. The modules which is easy to use that you can pick what will suit each learner from a true beginner who’s never turned on a computer right through to advanced. Activity cards encourage and extend the lunar for work readiness, so solid chick sites shortcuts are really handy. You just start to pick up the best bit at the end where you do a bit of self-evaluation so the learners can just show what they’ve achieved for that module.