The 10 considered most dangerous hackers in history

We do not want hackers as we know that what the do is not good. There are hackers that do what they do to expose some anomalies or let the world see what is truly happening. But what gets out is that hackers is not good as they are criminals and they are violating the law. They should not do what they do so they are not liked. Those who understand them can know their work but still the majority is the negative part because of the effect of what they do.

In the history of the technology, there are hackers that became popular and they are very good in their trade. The time just came to them to be exposed and serve their time but it is not all the case in all times. The video above presents the considered dangerous hackers in history. Not all agrees to the list as they know someone they recommend must be on the list or they have another point of view of what is dangerous. The list is not conclusive so do not be shocked also if you have different views.

The world of technology should be the gateway to the world of many good possibilities and opportunities. But now it is not because of the crime that is present their and you may lost all your confidential information like bank account that you would not dare share with anyone, look at here. You might as well wish and pray for your own safety.