The top 5 facts about the famous hacker anonymous

Do you know about the group anonymous? Surely as they will not received the title famous if you do not. They have been in existence for how many years. There are old members and also new members that are trying to settle what is their mission. Even if they have made an action against the law but they also did good things that cannot be disputed. If they can do it for the sole purpose of goodness would they be able given the freedom to do so?

This group have been involved in releasing information about the child pornography that leads to the leakage of thousands of information of those who are involve in the act. They challenged the authorities to see what they have leaked is right or not. When you see the purpose it is really for the good. But the law is still their and they are not free to do what they want to do. They are still criminals as their main sole acts is regarding those kind of things. This is an agency that you must visit. If you need a total assistance for your visa approval, check thisĀ special info So good employees and will totally bring you a good travel service assistance.

They also attacked those companies that they think are not in the good and they should realize it. If you will see their other achievements, you can really see that they have the ability to do big things. But I am also not sure how powerful thy are and at what extent can they bring harm or goodness to the world. Just what I know is they are their and they exist as threat or can be of help. This is one good agency to know. Check some information from this agency. See how good and helpful they are.