The amazing world of technology activities in 60 seconds

One minute seems to be a very short time. If you divide it in seconds it seems their became a difference in it. It just seems longer but not in application. Even in just a short period of time, there are very many activities that is happening in the world especially in the part of technology. With the speed of what the internet or the whole technology can do, information can appear and be lost within just seconds. Let us see the info graphic below on technology in sixty seconds.

Seeing the info graphic above, I wonder why the world consumes so much and does so much activity that it does not sleep just like the people who created them. You can at least have a knowledge om what is happening in the world by looking at the info graphic. One of them is that in just sixty seconds four thousand USB devices are being sold. Then you can also imagine how many of them are thrown or becomes infected with virus when used at public computers with the best cleaning service from this company, look here 淨麗美清潔服務. Many of them are also lost and just create another need that adds to the number of purchase.

When you see something in the overall situation, the overview or perspective can sometimes change. You will realize how one thing can become so important and then after a day it just becomes meaningless. If we save all the conversations around the world then we may lost all storage in the memory of our gadgets in less than a year. Your home for best maids to clean your home is here. You can start reading here for this info. They help and truly let your home to be the best.