Hacking 101: The history of hacking timeline and interesting facts

Hacking is not a good word when you listen to it because of the now famous meaning and application. Many people hacked into systems and websites and use it for their gain. When it was just starting, it was used to be able to help in the government but when there are the curious and adventurous technology savvy people that started to explore on this area, it became a global issue. They start to explore on the big companies and see what they can do.

There are many vulnerabilities that they have found that is not yet secured and they can get much confidential data. The government and companies are now then on the look up of this threat that has a very big impact. But if you look in the info graphic at its early stage, even if internet is not yet established, hacking is already a word and action that exist. It has a different form then until it became a cyber crime in this time when the whole world became aware of it.

Now it is a threat that not all websites are safe. Every minute there are websites that are being attacked. There are many efforts that was made to make this crime be as low as possible but their is no easy way to do it especially the websites used by small organizations. The question then of storing confidential information in the internet comes into question but their is no alternative method yet to change direction. By making a career online, you can get a better service for your products. Use online ads. to promote your services. This is good to try and growth of your business is more fast.